Announcing our half-term sessions

Sussex Smarts are delighted to announce our half-term sessions, specifically designed to help you choose the right gadgets, laptops and tech this Christmas.

All sessions start at 5pm in Fenwick’s Cafe, Priory Park.

Mon 24 Oct: Laptop or tablet, gadgets and gizmos. What, why and how?
Tues 25 Oct: Which mobile phone should I get? Pay-as-you-go or contract? Which network?
Wed 26 Oct: Can I hear music? Headphones, Bluetooth speakers and more. What to buy?
Thurs 27 Oct: I’ve heard about Smart Homes. What is one, and how might it improve my life?
Fri 28 Oct: Open surgery. Bring your phone or laptop and we’ll answer your questions.

Register now at the cafe or by texting or calling Sussex Smarts on 07766 760215.



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