Time to practice what I preach

I’ve ordered a new laptop. My four-year-old Surface Pro 4 is still excellent for general home and work but as I’m using my PC increasingly for work and also getting into gaming, flight simulation to be precise, I need something with Windows 10 Pro and a little more oomph, especially in the graphics department. I’ve ordered a refurbished Dell XPS 15 7590 with Windows 10 Pro from the Dell Outlet and we’ll see how it performs.

Remember that thanks to the Distance Selling Regulations, I can return it up to 14 days after delivery at no cost.

It will interesting to see how quickly I can get it up and running with my software setup and if it has the power to drive the top-end graphics that I’m looking for.

I’ll keep you posted when I’m not flying.

One thought on “Time to practice what I preach”

  1. Setting up my new laptop took just fifteen minutes. The joys of the Cloud!

    Saying that, MS Flight Simulator 2020 took nine hours, but that’s a different story altogether.


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