How did you do that?

Whenever somebody is standing on my shoulder watching me work on my laptop, I’ll do something without touching the mouse, and they’ll ask, “How did you do that?”.

The answer is that I will have used a keyboard shortcut.

For those of us who worked with computers before mice were created, which give or take was when Microsoft launched Windows 3.0 in 1990, we used shortcuts. An example of a shortcut would be CNTL+C for Copy.

Have I already lost you? Well don’t worry – here’s an excellent video from that is an excellent tutorial. I recommend that as Christopher explains a shortcut that you then pause the video and try it for yourself.

In no time at all, friends will be asking “How did you do that?”


ps For bridge players, this is how we introduce ourselves so quickly at a new table. We type our introduction at the first table, select the text (Click at the left of the phrase, then drag the mouse to the end of the phrase so that the selected text is highlighted) and press CNTL+C (Copy). Then, when we move to the next table, all we have to do is click in the chatbox and press CNTL+V (Paste). It really is as simple as that.

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