How to choose a mobile network and service

Recently, we were commissioned to help a customer choose a Mi-fi provider.

What’s Mi-fi? It’s a Wi-fi box that uses mobile 4G technology instead of wired broadband.

The background to this is that living in the country, their broadband was unreliable and slow and we were looking at alternatives to wired broadband provision. They also have a second home overseas, and free overseas roaming for the Mi-fi means that they wouldn’t need to sign up for a broadband contract there.

In short, faster wifi for less money.

We have just shared our report with our customer, and I’ll report back in due course. Meanwhile, we also anomymised the report, and you can read this version which is for Sussex Smarts Towers.

We would be delighted to help if you are frustrated with your mobile or broadband suppliers. All you have to do is pick up the phone! Or send an email, or chat, or even write to us.

Vodafone’s R219 Mi-fi

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