We’re updating our showroom

As many of you already know, our home is our showroom. Discretely hidden inside a Georgian apartment in central Chichester, and at little expense, we have all the components of a smart home.

If you’re interested in how a smart home could help with day-to-day life, or even if you’re just curious, email us and arrange a free demo and a coffee.

2 thoughts on “We’re updating our showroom”

  1. Can you recommend a ‘smart home’ easy to use and cheap to buy security system – ¬£100?

    1. Hi Simon.

      Of course, and it depends what you’re looking to achieve. A smart home needs a device to organise and coordinate things. We call this a ‘hub’. The cheapest viable hubs are the Amazon Echo Dot (aka Alexa) and the Google Nest Mini. Others include the Apple HomeHub.

      Other devices then connect to, and work with, the hub. Lights, Intercom, Phone Calls, Health Monitors, Security Cameras and Door Bells can all work in a coordinated way.

      Is there something specific that you’d like to achieve?


      Stuart, Sussex Smarts

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