Save even more money: Sussex Smarts now has a trade account at Costco

Our mission is to save our customers money and now we can offer trade access to Costco to all our customers. Technology savings are usually about 5-10% so it’s worthwhile for any laptop, tablet or TV.

If you know exactly what you want, all you have to do is to ask us to check the price. If you’re not sure, then we’ll help you choose. That’s what we do.

How to choose a mobile network and service

Recently, we were commissioned to help a customer choose a Mi-fi provider.

What’s Mi-fi? It’s a Wi-fi box that uses mobile 4G technology instead of wired broadband.

The background to this is that living in the country, their broadband was unreliable and slow and we were looking at alternatives to wired broadband provision. They also have a second home overseas, and free overseas roaming for the Mi-fi means that they wouldn’t need to sign up for a broadband contract there.

In short, faster wifi for less money.

We have just shared our report with our customer, and I’ll report back in due course. Meanwhile, we also anomymised the report, and you can read this version which is for Sussex Smarts Towers.

We would be delighted to help if you are frustrated with your mobile or broadband suppliers. All you have to do is pick up the phone! Or send an email, or chat, or even write to us.

Vodafone’s R219 Mi-fi

We’re working throughout the second lockdown

Technology is more important than ever during a lockdown and Sussex Smarts will be working throughout the autumn lockdown to help our friends and our community to stay connected.

Remember, no question is too simple and we’re always happy to help.

For example, Zoom is surprisingly simple to set up and use, and if you already have a smartphone or laptop it won’t cost you a bean.

Save money now. Stop paying for anti-virus software

All of the clients that we have met know this: that Windows 10 inbuilt anti-virus is good enough for all our needs. The only exception might be if you were to visit The Dark Web or other dodgy parts of the internet, but you wouldn’t do that, would you?

So if you’re on Windows 10, save your money, cancel your anti-virus subscription and then:

1 Make sure that Windows Defender is turned on by going to Settings, Update and Security, Security and make sure that everything is turned on. It should look like this.

2 Go to Settings, Apps and Uninstall the other av programme.

3 Reboot your PC and the job is done.

Curious and looking for more detail?
PC World magazine thinks the same.

Any questions, you know how to reach us 🙂

If you do one thing, do this…

Recently, one of our friends had her Facebook account hacked. The hackers changed her contact details and that was that – her Facebook account was lost forever. There is a simple reason why this happened and why we couldn’t recover her account. Our friend hadn’t turned on Two-Factor Authentication.

The Theft
Our friend had used the same password on multiple web sites. One of these had what we call a ‘data breech’ and her password was shared on the Dark Web for bad people to exploit. Somebody picked this up and stole her Facebook account.

How it could have been prevented
Two-factor authentication is unfortunate jargon. What it means loosely is Two-device or Two-app authentication. You will often see this if you try and make an internet payment, you’ll get a text with a code to your mobile. In this case, your mobile is the second ‘factor’. If our friend had this set up, the bad actor would never have been able to steal the account.

What to do?
If any apps or web sites ask you to set up two-factor authentication, say yes. Set it up. Then relax…

You know it makes sense!