WhatsApp video calling – why it’s very special

WhatsApp has just announced free global video calling.

Why is this news? It’s news because it’s the first video calling service that will work anywhere in world with nothing more than a phone number. And Wifi (or a decent data plan).

Skype needs both callers to be logged in. FaceTime needs both people to be on Apple. Facebook needs both to be on Facebook. WhatsApp needs nothing. Just a phone number. 

It will be so easy to use that it will be a game changer.

If you’d like help using WhatsApp or any other technology ask us here at SussexSmarts – we’d love to help.

Why might I want a Smart Home?

At Sussex Smarts, we’re often asked “What’s a Smart Home? Aren’t they just for the rich and geeky?”.

Well, a Smart Home is anywhere that can monitor and report what’s going on in your home and let you change what’s happening while you’re out.

Examples include monitoring systems, lighting and heating control.

Important and helpful Smarts can be installed very cheaply. Come to Fenwick’s Cafe at 5pm today to find out how your life can be made safer and easier.

What technology should I buy for Christmas?

We know that there are still 88 days till Christmas, but it’s nearly time to start thinking about presents. Naturally, many of these will be laptops, phones, tablets and gadgets. If you’re like us, you’ll know that it’s hard work to understand what you should invest it, and how to set it up effectively.

We are here to help. Either give us a call to arrange an appointment or watch out for or half-term sessions in Priory Park. 

An hour with us could save years of frustration!

Keep your data safe

Join Sussex Smarts at 5pm today, Tues 20 Sept, at Fenwick’s Cafe in Priory Park, Chichester and learn how to keep your data safe. Even if you think you are backing up for data, are you sure that you’ve got everything that matters?  

There are many approaches that you can take but be careful – they aren’t all what they seem.

Register in advance at www.sussexsmarts.org

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