Advice, Support and Training

Sussex Smarts offers a rare computer advice, support and training approach – personally-tailored help over Zoom or using remote control software.

Our approach speaks for itself:

1 A free telephone call to discuss what you would like to learn, and why. The why is particularly important, because there may be a more simple way of achieving what you want to. At the same time, we assess your current knowledge so that none of your valuable time is wasted. Start by emailing us here.

2 We agree a date and time for the training session, which can be held on Zoom. In the past, we have particularly enjoyed Fenwick’s Café in Priory Park, Chichester but that’s a little far away now. We also agree how long we expect the training to take and how much it will cost.

3 After the training is complete, we will follow up a few days later to make sure that you’re still comfortable with what you’ve learned, and that you are putting it to good use.

Our charges:

No problem to big or too small. £30 per 45 minutes or part thereof. All our current customers enjoy fixed rates and we offer a special charity rate of £20 per hour.

Email us today.

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