The rate of change in technology continues to accelerate. This Autumn we get two major updates to the most popular programmes and Sussex Smarts is here to help you make the most of the changes.

At Sussex Smarts, we have been running both Windows 11 and iOS15 for a few months now and are delighted to be able to help you update your tech.

iOS 15 – iPhone and iPad updates

Apple are officially releasing iOS15 for iPhone and iPad some time between today and Friday 24th September.

This is a major update and so Sussex Smarts is going to hold two ‘update support days’ on Monday 27th and Wednesday 29th September.

If you’re interested on what will change, click here to watch Apple’s iOS15 video or read Apple’s pre-release notes. The video is an hour long and I recommend that you skip the first five minutes. Although you may not use many, or any, of the new functions, there might be one that really helps you…

The days will start with a 15 minute Zoom call at 9.30am during which we will help you make sure that your devices are backed up and then start the upgrade. We will then host workshops on Zoom at 12 Noon during which we will explain the many questions that Apple ask you when you use your upgraded device for the first time.

Then from 3pm – 5pm I will be available on Zoom to answer any specific questions that you may have.

The cost to join a Sussex Smarts iOS Update Support Day is just £40. Please click here to register – it will be great to see you.

Windows 11

Microsoft are officially launching Windows 11 on Monday October 5th. Click here to read about five new features that Microsoft are excited about.

Mon ?????, 10am on Zoom.
Despite all Microsoft’s fine words regarding no new versions of Windows, Windows 11 is coming this Autumn, Windows 11 is designed to help people to connect more easily with each other, it’s more secure and runs more efficiently than Windows 10.

You can read how Microsoft introduce Windows 11 here.

The first thing to do though, is to check that your laptop or computer will run Windows 11. Please click here to use Microsoft’s compatibility checker.

If your computer is compatible, then we’re offering the following service:

1 Check that all your files are backed up
2 Initiate and support the update of your computer
3 Invite you to join other Sussex Smarts customers on a one hour ‘differences and settings’ workshop.

All this for a bargain price of £50.

Please click here to sign up and let Sussex Smarts get you up and running on Windows 11 as simply as possible. We really hope to see you there.

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