Why should I update my iPhone?

You may have noticed that Apple regularly ask you to update the software on your iPhone.
Why do they do this, and why should you care?

The regular upgrades that are published roughly once a month concentrate on two things: security and bug fixes. There is a whole industry of hackers who spend their lives trying to break into computers (and your iPhone is most definitely a computer) so that they can steal your personal information. Contact details, bank and credit card information, passwords are all very valuable on the black market. You can consider the upgrades to be like Polyfilla, plugging holes that the hackers could use to get in. So Sussex Smarts say “yes, yes, yes” you should always do it as soon as possible. And we would be delighted to help you do it.

Bug fixes fix bugs. Clue’s in the name. You probably won’t notice any difference as they tend to be quite obscure, but every little helps.

The more significant upgrades change the version of the Operating Software itself. Today Apple announced iOS 10, which will be released on 10th September. These upgrades are annual, add new features, and sometimes change the way that the phone works. One small example is the ‘quick photo’ option. In iOS 9, then swiping up on the camera logo on the lock screen launched the camera app. In iOS 10, swiping left anywhere on the lockscreen does the same thing. This will take all of us weeks to learn!

You’ll hear a lot about this in the press, but why not come to one of our Make the most of your iPhone sessions to learn all about it. The next one is on Tues Sept 13th.




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