iPlayer not casting from iPhone to Chromecast: A Christmas emergengy

I woke this morning to a frantic text asking if I could get iPlayer working on Chromecast. My client had been on the phone to Samsung all yesterday evening and in the end their advice was to get a new telly. Well that wouldn’t have helped because that wasn’t the problem.

The problem was a recently-introduced iOS setting called Allow iPlayer to access Local Network and this needs to be turned on.

So I turned it on, and this particular Christmas crisis was over.

Happy Christmas everyone 🎄🥂

One thought on “iPlayer not casting from iPhone to Chromecast: A Christmas emergengy”

  1. It was me that had this trouble & sent Stuart an SOS! I am most grateful to him for sorting it. I have also had several computer problems in the past couple of years which he has resolved. I am full of admiration for his patient, methodical analyses &, usually cost-saving, solutions. Anne

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